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Entrants Guide

2019 CFLD Beijing Marathon Registration Notice

1.Race Information

(1)Race Date: Sunday, November 3rd , 2019

(2)Event: Marathon (42.195KM)

(3)Maximum Number of Entrants: 30,000 (including 500 places for Charity Entry)

(4)Start Time:7:30 a.m.

(5)Race Course:

Start: Tian’anmen Square, Beijing.

Finish: the Celebration Square in central area of Scenic

2. Registration Information

(1)Registration time: The entry system will be opened at 10:00 on Thursday 15th August.

(2)Minimum age requirement: 20 years old.

(3)Registration method: Log on Beijing Marathon official website www.zoowildman.com, and follow the instruction.

(4)Registration Fee:50 USD / Person

3. Directly Entry to 2019 CFLD Beijing Marathon

Registers  finished 2019 Beijing half-marathon and the result of the race reached the standard of directly obtaining the quota of 2019 CFLD Beijing Marathon. The list of through-pass athletes is published on the Beijing Marathon official website. After the through-pass athletes complete the registration, Please pay the fee within the specified time. Otherwise, you will be deemed to given up your place and the quota will not be replenished.

4. Important Information

(1)All entrants MUST provide valid and real information for the registration, otherwise you would be failed and disqualified for the race.

(2)Entrants must pay the entry fee by ALIPAY or PAYPAL before the deadline.

(3)The application will be voided if the payment is not be received.

(4)Registration fee is not refundable once the entrant finish payment.

(5)All participants need to go to Beijing Marathon Expo 2019 to pick up personal race bag. Details will be informed before the race on the official website.

5. Contact Us

Email:overseas@beijing-marathon.com (9:00-17:00)

The Organizing Committee reserves the final interpretation. Any matters not completely, please follow further notice.

Beijing Marathon Organizing Committee

Premier Partner
Official Sponsor
Event Supporter
Host:Chinese Athletic Association Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports Co- Host:China Central Television (CCTV)
Organizer:China Olympic Road Running Co., Ltd. Beijing Sports Competition Administration Center

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