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Beijing United Family HospitalSince 1997, Beijing United Family Hospital (BJU) has been offering premium care to hundreds of thousands of expatriate and Chinese families. Since 2005, we have been consistently re-accredited five ti詳細內容>>
Dole Dole brand originated in Dole Food Company, Inc. which has been established in Hawaii in 1851. So far, it has been a large producer of high quality fruits and vegetables in the world. Dole company詳細內容>>
Introduction of China World Trade CenterChina World Trade Center (CWTC or affectionately known as China World), founded in February 1985, is a large joint venture approved by the Chinese State Council. It is jointly owned by China Shi Mao I詳細內容>>
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Host:Chinese Athletic Association Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports Co- Host:China Central Television (CCTV)
Organizer:China Olympic Road Running Co., Ltd. Beijing Sports Competition Administration Center

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